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Woodside at Windrush

So proud of our amazing Woodside Steel for a solid gold performance for Windrush 75 at Tilbury Cruise Terminal. After playing an exhausting set in Trinidadian sunshine they were just ready to pack up when the BBC arrived and asked them to play some more and used a short clip of it on national news. All children Woodside learn to play steel pan in year 3 but Woodside Steel are our performing Steel Band. They are aged 7 to 10 and there are no adults or older players in the band but they play like professionals. They played for the Windrush generation VIPs who had sailed in the clipper down river from Westminster to dock at Tilbury just at the Empire Windrush did 75 years ago to the day. As they came off the key and through the bridge of memories they were greeted by the traditional Caribbean sounds of steel pan.