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Term Dates

We currently follow the calendar below which includes the 5 non-pupils days allowed to all schools. Please note that this means our term dates  are now significantly  different both to Thurrock guidance and to other schools in the borough.


The main difference is that we do not take a two week autumn half term holiday. Instead, we give our school community a similar opportunity to take holidays at a cheaper tariff, but with a two-week half term holiday in May/June. This works better academically as it is after SATs and gives those who prefer to avoid flying either because they are mindful of climate change or because they simply cannot afford it, the chance to have a decent holiday in England or enjoy the weather at home. 


In 2023-2024 we have achieved this by using the five staff training days together, but instead of actually training during the holiday week in June, staff work 1 day at the beginning of the autumn term and will be undertaking 12 "twilight" training sessions to make up for the remaining 4 days.


Woodside staff still work at least 195 days a year and Woodside children still have 190 days of schooling.