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Most Able



Woodside Academy aims to offer consistently high-quality teaching leading to high levels of attainment and progress. There is a whole school ethos of high ambition and expectations.  We aim to create a culture where abilities, gifts and talents are all celebrated.

We have worked hard to develop and embed effective practice for the more able pupils and this is now a part of the culture of the school and lessons, leading to highly effective provision throughout the school.




At Woodside Academy, we have a range of enrichment/extra-curricular provision to meet the needs of able pupils and to give opportunities for them to use their skills in areas beyond the core curriculum. These activities are designed to challenge and inspire students and to encourage high aspirations.


We currently offer our most able children activities/clubs including:

  • Brilliant Club through The Scholars Programme
  • Most Able invite only clubs
  • Maths Challenge group
  • Chess Club
  • Shakespeare
  • Poetry performance


Our pupils also enter local and national competitions aimed specifically at able students including the Juniper Education KS2 Maths competition, the Juniper Education KS2 English competition, the Thurrock Poetry Festival and the Thurrock Mathletics competition.


Woodside Academy seeks out activities and provision for able students nationally and locally as they arise or based on the interests of the pupils and may vary year by year. Parents will be informed if children are ‘secure’ or beyond for their age expectations. Parents are encouraged to talk with their child’s class teacher about their child’s attainment and progress and end of year reports will indicate where attainment is high.  Support is given for potential applicants to competitive entry schools.




We monitor the impact through:


  • KS1 greater depth results
  • KS2 greater depth results
  • Brilliant Club results
  • Results through our competitions