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Governing Body

As an academy the Governing Body, rather than Thurrock Council, are the controlling body of the school and responsible for the employment of staff. Governors (trustees) meet six times a year, when they consider reports presented by the school and make key decisions on school issues. Information on finance can be found on the finance page of this website and online at Companies House.  An Annual General Meeting is held in the autumn term when our accounts are presented.  Our Trust Members whose role is to hold the governing body to account attend the AGM.

Our Finance, Audit and Risk Committee meet three times a year and consist of three trustees, whose role is to assist the decision making of the Board of Trustees, to consider matters relating to internal control and auditors, and to report on financial, non-financial controls and management of risks.


Woodside Academy has 3 members and 10 trustees (including a Chair who is both a trust member and a trustee):

The trustees consist of:    

1 Chair of Governors (both member & trustee)

2 Parent Governors

2 Staff Governors 

1 Ex Officio Governor (Principal)

2 Community Governors

2 Co-Opted Trustees


Current post holders are as follows:


Mr Justin Conroy (chair)                          

Mr Russell Robinson                              

Dr Claudine Duberry                              


Trustees                                                     Term of office ends 


           Mr Justin Conroy (chair)                           29.09.24         


Mr Edward Caines                                  (ex officio)   

Parent Governors

Mrs Lorraine Clark (vice chair)                 29.10.24

Mrs Nicola Cranch                                    07.12.24

Staff Governors

Mrs Aimee Joiner                                      15.12.24

Mr Carl Radford                                         12.02.25

Community Governors

Cllr John Kent                                           25.05.28

Cllr Sara Muldowney                                 29.11.25

Co-Opted Trustees

Rev. Matt Ralph                                        17.04.28

Mrs Jane Thomas                                     17.04.28


Finance, Audit & Risk Committee


           Mrs Nicola Cranch                                    07.12.24         

Committee Members

Mrs Lorraine Clark                                     29.10.24

Cllr Sara Muldowney                                 29.11.25


Governors serve for four years after which they can be reappointed or re-elected. If the number of nominations is not more than the number of vacancies nominees will be returned without election. The holder of the post of principal is automatically a governor. The trustees are the core group of governors who are responsible for certain financial issues and for appointing non-elected governors. 


Meetings are clerked by our Juniper Education Governance Professional.


Woodside Academy is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. The governors are also directors of the company and the academy CFO is the company secretary. The company number is 8272256 and the address of the registered office is: Woodside Academy, Grangewood Avenue, Grays RM16 2GJ.