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Please make sure children continue their learning at home. We will be putting things on this page to help you throughout the emergency closure.

Year 4

Home Learning Timetable

Please find below a copy of the Year 4 home learning timetable.

If you are yet to receive your Class Dojo invitation, please contact your child's teacher - Miss McInerney, Mrs Conroy or Miss Roberts - by clicking one of the names. 

It was so lovely to see so many pieces of brilliant work today, well done children (and parents).

Tuesday's activities are below.
For math the attached file (football angles) is differentiated so you can chose which activity if not both to do. The children have covered obtuse and acute angles in both Mrs Conroy's and Miss Roberts math set so hopefully this will be a nice refresher for them. Miss McInerney's class may wish to do the first activity on right-angles. There are also fun angle games to play on 'Topmarks'

Literacy follows on from today and is based around the same picture. See weekly tasks.

There is a geography task (attached file) where you go on an Easter egg hunt around the world naming as many countries as you can. Children can use an atlas if available or a map of the world on the internet or use you for help!

Wishing you all a fun day of learning!

The year 4 teachers.