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Awards Assembly

                                                 June 2024

                                                  May 2024

                                                  April 2024

Rotary Club Writing Competition County Winner 


Congratulations to Myra, who has won first prize and will now go on to the National Competition.


When I first moved into this area, the park was one of my favourite places to go. 

I learnt to ride my bike and scooter here.


Gradually, I have noticed that fences have been broken and kicked by vandals. I also have seen trees knocked down and pulled up, this upset me as the birds need places to nest. When I found out there was a writing competition, I participated and wanted to express myself through art. This way I can make people aware of the vandalism they're causing. I would like people to stop destroying parks as kids and other people come here to meet as a community. 


Rotary Club Writing Award 2nd Place.


Musa entered the competition that had a focus on rebuilding. 


I entered the junior category and my piece of writing entered around a tribe that had been severely raided by bandits. A powerful leader discovered them and formed an alliance with them, helping them to rebuild their community.

                                               March 2024

                                               February 2024



                                          January 2024

                                                                December 2023


Fantastic artwork 

Class certificate 

                                                                    November 2023



Geographical knowledge 

Overcoming obstacles

                                                                      October 2023


Handwriting award

Year Six and Year Four Bikeability 

Scientific inquiry skills 

Great start to the term 

Monster Phonics Assembly

                                                                  September 2023


Settling in well certificate.

Helping others in class.

Excellent writing skills 

Taking care of the environment