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Senior Leadership Team

Mr Caines (Principal) and Ms Ryder (Vice Principal) Mrs Joiner and Mr Radford (Assistant Principals)

Class Teachers

Miss Boettger, Miss Burton, Mrs Coates, Mrs Conroy, Miss Dixon, Mrs Glover, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Hague, Mrs Hardy, Mrs Joiner, Mrs Keeley, Miss Leyland, Mrs Maguire, Mrs Main, Mrs Marks, Miss McInerney,  Miss Nunn, Mr Nunn, Mrs Pattrick, Mr Radford, Ms Rejman, Miss Roberts, Miss Warren, Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Young.


Miss Thomas



Mr Hawkins



Mrs Hayes and Mr Walton


Support Staff

Mrs Acton, Mrs Abbott, Miss Bains, Miss Bell, Mrs Brett, Miss Carter, Mr Carter, Mrs Chandler, Miss Clifford, Mrs Cook, Ms Darby, Mrs David, Ms Davis, Mr Doye, Mrs Dreher,  Mrs Fox, Miss Hole, Miss Johnson, Miss Main, Mrs McKenzie, Mrs Moffatt, Miss Moore, Mrs Murrell, Mrs Radford, Miss Reynolds, Mrs Riley, Miss Shearing, Mrs Turner, Miss Uren, Mrs Warner, Miss Webb, Miss Wells, Miss Vaughan, Mrs Waite and Miss Williams.


Learning Mentor

Mrs K Wing

Administrative Staff

Ms Gardner, Mrs Haydon, Miss Paxman, Mrs Russell, Mrs L Smith, Mrs S Smith.

Additional Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Musgrave (Chef), Mrs Hayes (Senior Mid-day Supervisor), Miss L.Pond, Mrs Alden, Mrs Goodey, Mrs Julings, Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Beveridge, Miss Sprought, Miss Baker, Ms Hogg


Site Staff

Mr Martin (Caretaker)

(Cleaners) Mr Halford, Mrs Defriend, Mrs Lee, Miss Bromfield, Mr Martin, Ms Hogg