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We are using our freedom as an academy to develop an exciting and relevant curriculum for our children, using our rich local environment to provide first-hand experience, while reaching out across the world with inter-national projects and teaching Spanish with instruction from native speakers. We also  provide children with a range of high quality sporting and cultural activities both within the curriculum and outside of school hours.


We teach the National Curriculum in English and mathematics as our children will be assessed against these and we teach Religious Education according to the locally agreed Thurrock guidelines. Our nursery and reception classes follow the government's framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.


We have made some changes to our curriculum topics for the coming year using the table of starting points below. 


More information is added during the year in the year curriculum letters for parents  tear group which you can access through the numbers at the foot of our home page. The "curriculum" link gives an overview of English and mathematics for the year group and the "curriculum letters" link will take you to the overview of topics for each term. These are previous letters but as topics are usually repeated each term you can use these to see what is likely to be taught in the coming year.


If you have any further queries or would like any more information regarding the curriculum that we teach please contact the school or your child's class teacher directly. Alternatively, click on the below links.



Year 6

Our Bodies 

Britain since 1930

Martha Randall's Diary and Marine

Year 5

Our Changing World

Shakespearean England 

Woodside through the Decades

Year 4

Shang Dynasty 

Alfred Wallace

Wat Tyler

Year 3

The Nutcracker 

Samuel Pepys’ Diary

Orsett Village & ECO Waste

Year 2

St Mary’s Church


The Thames & Water

Year 1

Kings and Queens

Our Birds

Life in our Pond


Our World

Our Woods

Food & Farming

 Nursery Our World The World All things bright &   wonderful

Our Subjects