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Statement of our Ethos and Values

Excellence through Opportunity


Excellence:       Striving for the best


  • We want the very best teaching and learning experiences for our children.


  • We expect every child to try hard to improve.


  • We insist on excellence in our communications with parents and the wider community.


  • We strive for high academic standards and value all achievement.


  • We believe our children deserve an excellent environment and that everything we offer, from buildings to books, should be the best we can provide.


Opportunity:    a fair chance for all


  • We want the best possible lifetime opportunities for every child.


  • We believe every child has a right to be safe, to be healthy, to enjoy and achieve, to make a positive contribution and to achieve economic well-being.


  • We insist on every child’s entitlement to a broad range of knowledge and skills.


  • We want every child to have opportunities in sport and the arts as well as academic achievement.


  • We are committed to equality of opportunity for everyone.


  • We want all our children to learn positive attitudes so that they never limit the opportunities of others through stereotyping or intolerance.