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External Clubs

We also provide after school clubs which are run by external companies.

Here are some links, more information can be found on our Community Page.

      Grading Examination Results' Congratulations to all our pupils that participate in Karate Club 


DAVID - Graded to Yellow Belt 

IREMIDE - Graded to Yellow Belt 


MARYAM - Graded to Orange Belt 

JUDAH - Graded to Orange Belt


BRAYDEN - Graded to Red Belt 

DAPO - Graded to Red Belt 


RONNIE  - Graded to Green Belt 


DENISA - Graded to Blue Belt 


GURSEHEJ - Graded to Brown Belt 1st White Tag 

HARRY - Graded to Brown Belt 3rd White Tag

ADAM - Graded to Brown Belt 3rd White Tag