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Shakespeare Festival

Woodside took over the Thameside Theatre on Monday 27th March for the Woodside Shakespeare Festival. The children rose to the very really challenge of learning actual Shakespearian language and performing in front of an audience in a real theatre and they were most impressive. We started doing this several years ago as part of the national Shakespeare Schools Festival but we were only allowed to perform one play as a school. This is fine for a drama club but we wanted to make sure every child in our school had this amazing opportunity. Booking the theatre for our own festival means each class in year 5 can perform their own play with every child taking part. This year all the classes have chosen tragedies: Romeo and Juliet (5L), Macbeth (5R) and Hamlet (5W). Well done to children and staff for all their work preparing for this event and special thanks to Miss Leyland for organizing it.