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New Attendance Rewards

We have always encouraged good attendance but over the last 3 years we needed to emphasize this less because of Covid19. What we really want is for children to attend school every day they can but not if they are ill and infectious to other children and staff. Minimizing infection had to be the priority, especially after we lost a member of staff early in the pandemic. Covid19 has not gone away but there have been plenty of opportunity to protect ourselves with vaccinations.


We are now looking at a range of incentives which will encourage children to attend regularly and on time so that they get best out of school. These will not necessarily be for those who are able to get 100% but those who are at school whenever they can be. We are issuing penalty notices to parents whose children have unauthorized absences but as in everything we do in school we think rewards and recognition of improvement are more effective than sanctions.


Children who have 100% over the year will be rewarded along with children who complete the Big Summer Read with a session on our inflatable obstacle course at the end of term. Children who complete the read and get 100% attend will have 2 sessions.

Each class will compete for a special cup for the best attendance each week. The winning class will have an extra playtime of Friday afternoon.