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Monster Day

To help us launch our Monster Phonics programme we are having a MONSTER DAY on Thursday 5th October. Children (and staff) can come to school dressed as their favourite monster (not too frightening please) and we will of course have a MONSTER LUNCH. The actual Monster Phonics characters include some which many children will already have costumes for including Tricky Witch, Ghosts and Black Cats and the rest are easy as they are mostly just one colour. Our fun Monster Lunch will have children's favourites including pizza, chicken nuggets, and curly fries plus special Miss Oh No's doughnuts (she lives in one apparently) and chocolate sauce served from Tricky Witch's magic cauldron, plus our daily healthy baked potatoes and choice of salad and fruit. All children having our monster lunch will also get a FREE monster book and, if they are infants, also a FREE monster book. We promote our school meals with special fun lunches at least once a term. Sometimes this is when numbers are counted which is why many schools do it but  our main reason at Woodside is because we know our lunches are healthy and sustainable and much better for children than the Ultra Processed Food (UPF)  we see in so many children's lunch boxes. Scientists have found that Ultra Processed Food is not only bad for children's bodies, often leading to obesity and the danger of diabetes and cardiac disease but it affects their brains making learning more difficult and mental issues more likely.