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Visits and Trips

We believe that young children need to base their learning on first-hand experience and that much of this needs to be out of the classroom. We have created a rich learning environment within our school grounds and make extensive use of local visits to places where children can walk or cycle, but we also go further afield to extend children's learning.

Locally we regularly visit the Norman church at St Mary's, Chadwell, Tilbury Fort and across the river to Gravesend, Chafford Gorge and Thameside Nature Reserves. Further afield we go to London, often travelling by train where we visit the Royal Opera House and the major museums.

Other popular destinations are the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, Kentwell Hall Norfolk and Hampton Court for historic visits, frequently in costume. Years 4 and 6 have residential visits to Wat Tyler Country Park and Danbury Park while year 5 have a week of activities including three day visits to Grangewood Activity Centre. Recent visits include Walton on the Naze looking for fossils and Leigh on Sea. 

Choir visit to Carmen at the ROH London