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Task 1 – Physical development

Playdough – Roll the playdough and make your own snail

Clay with me - how to make a snail | play doh modelling for kids super easy

Task 2 – Phonics – RWI.

Set 1 9.30am

(only speed sound lesson)

Task 3 – Maths – Simple Addition

Look at the butterfly addition sheet, have 10 objects to hand (pasta, blocks etc) and complete the addition. Once you have worked out the answer use the number code to colour your butterfly the correct colour.

Task 4 – Understanding the World – Snail Soup

Watch the video with Jess and then see if you can find any snails (collect up a couple). Once you have collected some snails make your snail soup using mushed up lettuce and water, brush this on the inside of a glass bowl/container and watch the snails enjoy their dinner.

CBeebies: Minibeast Adventure With Jess - Snail Adventure

Task 5 – Story Time

Are You A Snail? By Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries.


🐌 Are You a Snail? 🐌| Read Aloud for Kids!