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All lessons will be available at 9.30 am.

Set 1:

Speed sounds lesson                           Spelling lesson                 Word time lesson  

Set 2:

Speed sound lesson                             Spelling lesson      

Set 3:

Speed sound lesson                             Spelling lesson


Also available:

Read longer words (for children who are confident with all set 3 sounds)

Red words

Read and hold a sentence


Please try to join in these lessons every day.


Look at the giving change to 10p PowerPoint. Explain to children that they can write the numbers as a subtraction and then use their counting back skills to work out the answer. Children could also use a number line to help them count back. Complete the giving change sheet.

Bug Club Phonics 

Bug club phonics has been set up for your child to continue practising their phonics knowledge and learn new sounds. Log on to Bug Club and select the phonics icon

Understanding The World 

Mad About Minibeasts by Giles Andreas and David Wojtowycz

Listen to the poems about minibeasts - Read by Mrs Badger

Your task

Now is time to go out in your garden or go out for a walk in the woods and see how many minibeasts you can find or you can go on a nature walk and see how many different birds, trees, flowers and insect.

Attached some sheets for you can use to tick of what you find or you can write a list or draw some pictures. 

Don’t forget to look under the log or stone.

Happy exploring!