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At Woodside Academy we run a wide range of sports for large number of children. As well as the traditional teams games of Football, Cricket, Rugby, High Five/Netball and Athletics we run activities such as Cycling, Golf and Archery. This year we have introduced a house cup challenge with an ongoing interpose completion led by our house and vice house captains and involving children children throughout KS2 in a variety of sports. See the clubs and activities section to find the sports available for children now.

Children can compete in a wide range of sporting activities and become part of the school team.

Some of the Children that attend the after-school Karate Class had their Grading examination last term and we would like to celebrate their success and achievement.


               OLIVER                       Graded to yellow belt.

                   RAHIM                          Graded to yellow belt.

                  AYLA                             Graded to yellow belt.

                  FLYNN                           Graded to yellow belt.

             NATHAN                Graded to orange belt.

             REGAN                  Graded to orange belt.


                LEIA                      Graded to red belt.

            POPPIE                  Graded to red belt.


            PAVAN                   Graded to green belt.

            RAJAN                   Graded to green belt.


            KATIE                   Graded to green belt.