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Y6 Concerts

Summer 2022 saw the first live year 6 concerts since 2019. Although Covid19 infections are still very high the government's cancellation of protective measures meant that we could enjoy live performances again this year. Each class in year 6 has worked on their own version of the same musical and supplied all the actors and main singing and dancing parts. The other two classes formed a backing choir and we had the possibility of using a child from another class to cover the part of any child who was sick on the performance day. Although we could have done one play together by auditioning children from all the classes, the way we have done it has given far more children the chance to have a significant part and gain the confidence the experience of acting and singing on stage gives. Having the shows in the day time also meant that, unless they were actually ill, all the children took part.  We are extremely proud of how well the children have performed and how much talent they clearly have. A number of children who came to us not so long ago unable to speak English were able to take significant speaking parts and performed amazing well.