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Y5 Summer Booster Classes

We are continuing our Y5 booster classes over the summer to prevent the "drop back" some children get as they go up into a new year after a long holiday. This is particularly important for year 5 going into Y6 with the challenge of SATs next May and we want them to be as well prepared as possible so that they get the best possible results for themselves and the school. The booster classes are on Tuesdays and Thursday in the second (1st & 3rd August) and last week of the holiday (29th & 31st) and they are FREE. Sessions start at 9.00 am and you can drive in to drop children who should come in through the dining hall with the holiday club. They go into the junior classrooms for lessons in English and mathematics with a break and snack provided in between. Lessons continue to 12 when they can either go home or stay for FREE lunch with holiday club. During the afternoon there will be special sports or craft activities for year 5 until 3 pm. Children attending the sessions can also use the holiday club care for FREE from 8 am to 6 pm before and after their sessions. If you are a year 5 parent please send your child to as many sessions as possible and make sure your child also completes the summer read!