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Woodside HM Queen Jubilee Celebration

Having celebrated our own 70th anniversary on the 29th April and as we are on holiday on 3rd June, we celebrated HM Queen's Platinum Jubilee in school on Friday 27th May. This was also the last day of our International Week and very appropriate for the Queen as head of the Commonwealth. We invited children to dress up for the day in the 1950s clothes they wore for our own birthday celebration and/or Red, White and Blue and/or the traditional national costume, of a country, especially of a Commonwealth, or former Commonwealth country. Children made bunting and we celebrated with Great British Fish and Chips and Victoria Sponge and special activities in class and on the field. The whole school gathered on the field in the shape of the number 70 to sing the national anthem. All children will also be given a copy of a specially produced souvenir book  "Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration" as soon as our copies arrive. We will flew our special Jubilee Union Flag and children made their own bunting. 


The picture below is from the Coronation Party held here in 1953 (Princess Elizabeth became queen immediately her father King George died on February 6th 1952 but it took a long time to organize a coronation and it was thought right to have a period of mourning for the old king first).