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As an eco school we are doing everything we can to limit climate change. Waste is a big issue, especially food, as a huge share of the world's resources go into producing it, and produce greenhouse gases at the same time, but much of it is then thrown away instead of eaten. To make it worse, when food waste is not sorted from paper and plastics none of it can be recycled and it all goes into landfill where the  rotting food creates methane; a far worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.


We are going to be putting only food in our dining hall waste bin and stop using disposable containers or cutlery. Because of this we can no longer take crisp packets, yoghurt pots, drink cartons, or any wrapping from packed lunches. Children need to take all their uneaten food and other waste home for you to recycle there. This will also help you to see what your child has actually eaten as some children are throwing away food as they are given more than then can eat.