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Tree Planting

The Woodland Trust has given up saplings so that we can plant them as trees and hedges around our school. Trees are important in the fight against Climate Change because, as they grow bigger they will store large amounts of the main greenhouse gas, Carbon Dioxide. As these are native trees they are also attractive to native insects, birds and fungus, helping to increase the biodiversity. Loss of biodiversity is accompanying, and exacerbated, by climate change and scientists say it, if not halted, will lead to  the "6th Mass Extinction". Geological records show there have been five mass extinctions when the majority of life of earth has been killed, much of it never to return. The last mass extinction was around 65 million million years ago when the dinosaurs were wiped out after a large meteorite hit the Earth, quickly changing the climate so that many creatures could not live.


If we help them grow, our trees will be a small part of the fight against global warming and loss of species but many more trees are being planted all over the country and all over the world. 


Local Wildlife photographer Rob Lay kindly came and took some photos of Mr Nunn and his class planting trees and we have shown some of them here. Some have also been featured in  local online newspaper Thurrock Nub.