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Time to Walk

Help save the planet and get your family healthy with Time to Walk, including Walk to School Week from 20th to 24th May and the first 3 weeks after half term which together make our Walk to School Month.  Children have maps and charts where they can collect the stickers they can receive every day for walking, scooting, cycling or "park and stride". Park and Stride is for children who live further away who are dropped away from the school and walk the rest of the way. This can include our walking bus. Children who collect enough stickers can also get badges and will be entered into our draw to win one of 6 "super soakers". Walking to school gives children a better chance to notice their surroundings and talk about them and we have to competitions for this too. Infant children are asked to look our for interesting wildlife, plants or a natural scene on the way to school and ask their parents to photograph it and send it in. We will make all the pictures into a powerpoint that everyone can see and the winning picture will be made into two canvases - one for the family and one to keep in school. Juniors have a writing competition where they can describe what they notice when they are walking to or from school.


We have always taken part in Walk to School Week but this year we are making a special effort because of the climate crisis. The release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels is our number one cause of global warning and the school run alone causes a significant part of these emissions. Walking (or scooting and cycling) is also healthier because children are getting exercise and breathing in less pollution than they would inside a car. Pollution from cars is now known to cause asthma and and to damage children's brains.