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The Big Pedal

Well done to everyone and thank your for your support in this year's Big Pedal. We have exceeded 60% children cycling/scooting helping us finish 1st in Thurrock, 7th in the South East and 42nd in the whole UK. The winning KS1 and KS2 classes are 1E and 6S who win a free visit to London's Olympic Velodrome. Special thanks to our inspiring Bike It champion Mr Doye. The Big Pedal was great fun, but the serious purpose is to cut down pollution, cut use of fossil fuels, reduce congestion and get everyone to take more healthy exercise. We already know we have an obesity crisis linked to lack of exercise and that this causes major health problems but more recent research has shown that we are also being killed by pollution, especially diesel fumes. This is why incentives like The Big Pedal are so important. Please keep cycling through the summer term and after that.