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The Big Pedal

Thank you for helping us to win the Big Pedal. We came first in Thurrock with much stiffer competition than previous years and more schools and more children taking park.  This reflected the increased number of families cycling in the lock down and the heightened appreciation of the need to take action on climate change. We asked children to cycle, scoot or walk to school as often as they could and had bike-based activities in school every day for two weeks. Highlights were:


  • Bling your bike competition (at home)

         Children decorate their bikes to their own taste and send us a photo.

  • Random Rides

         Every day there was a short no-notice bike ride for at least one class

  • Ride the Smoothie Bike

         It doesn't go anywhere but it makes delicious smoothies and soups!

  • Individual and class prizes

         No raffle tickets but we will record riders and give random prizes.

  • Mystery Rides

        To mystery destinations on given dates so children can take a picnic.*

  • Sustrans Photo Competition

Take a photo of your child cycling/scooting/walking to school and put it on social media tagging @Sustrans and use  #BidPedalWin.

  • Bike Safety Checks

         Thanks to our two volunteer technicians who were here be checking                  bikes and fixed most of the problems they found.

  • Balance Bikes

         We had balance bikes (no pedals) for Y1 & Early Years classes.

  • Super Hero Day (Friday 30th)

         On the last day children could ride dressed as their super heroes.