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The Big Pedal

The Big Pedal is back on Monday 19th April and we want to WIN! We need children to cycle or scoot to school as often as they can and will have bike-based activities in school every day for two weeks. Look out for:


  • Bling your bike competition (at home)

         Children decorate their bikes to their own taste and send us a photo.

  • Random Rides

         Every day there will be a short no-notice bike ride for at least one class

  • Ride the Smoothie Bike

         It doesn't go anywhere but it makes delicious smoothies and soups!

  • Individual and class prizes

         No raffle tickets but we will record riders and give random prizes.

  • Mystery Rides

        To mystery destinations on given dates so children can take a picnic.*

  • Inter-House Races

         KS2 children can race for their house on our field.

  • Scooters and Walkers

        These get 1pt instead of bikes' 2pts and cannot access all activities.

  • Bike Safety Checks

         We will be checking bikes and giving guidance on maintenance needed.

  • Balance Bikes

         We have balance bikes (no pedals) for Y1 & Early Years classes.

  • We want to WIN!

         We have previously come 1st in Thurrock, 1st in Essex and 15th in UK.

  • Super Hero Day (Friday 30th)

         On the last day children can ride as their super heroes.


Children need to ride a bike to school to take part in these activities and should have a helmet. If you live further away and need to bring a bike by car children need to ride at least some of the way. We will provide a hi-vis waistcoat for any rides. *On the mystery ride days children will need a packed lunch. You can send one or the school kitchen can provide one (if your child normally has free meals we will automatically do this unless you tell us otherwise). Please check your child's bike beforehand, make sure they can ride it and that their helmet fits properly. This is a Sustrans event and the main thing is not to drive to school. Children can also walk or scoot but only get 1 point against 2 for cycling. The last day of the Bid Pedal is Superhero Day. We are not asking for any donations for this and children can dress as a classic (eg WonderWoman  or BatMan) or local (eg Nurse or Cap. Tom) superhero. Please make sure their outfit is cycle safe - no long capes that could get caught in the spokes.