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Thanks for your amazing support for the BIG PEDAL. As at 1st April we are leading the competition in Thurrock and Essex with first place, are 6th in the Eastern  Region and 19th in the whole UK. Children and classes can win prizes for coming to school on 2 wheels not 4. Children are rewarded with raffle tickets enabling them to win prizes and the winning classes will go to the cycle track at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.   We are taking children on surprize rides to our local play areas if they bring their bikes to school and you can win prizes for photos of your child taking part if you post them on the Sustrans Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages.  On the last day of term all children will be able to take part in our run and ride around the heath which we postponed from Red Nose Day.  There is no need to wear red again but we suggest that children take their PE kit home and wear it to school with their school sweatshirt on Friday so they do not need to change.


The real reward for everyone taking part is better health. Modern children are in great danger from the inactivity and the obesity crisis; and not just children. An even greater reason to take part is to fight pollution and climate change. Cars on the school run are a big contributor to toxic particles in the air we all breathe and to the diminishing polar ice which is changing our weather and will eventually flood low lying land in our own borough and throughout the world.