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Summer Reading Challenge

Children's Summer Reading Challenge

Reading throughout the summer is vital for children to maintain this essential skill – and it's great fun!

For the Summer Reading Challenge 2022, The Reading Agency has partnered with the Science Museum Group to create 'Gadgeteers'.

Science is all around you, and whether you're a brilliant baker, a mega music fan, or a tech wizard – in fact whatever it is you love – there'll be something for you in the Challenge.

This year's challenge inspires children and young people to use their curiosity and creativity to discover the science behind the everyday. It celebrates the role of the imagination in reading and the sciences.

The Gadgeteers are planning an epic summer party! Through reading books and collecting rewards, Challenge participants will help the Gadgeteers use their special skills to get everything ready.

With incentives to collect and brilliant books to enjoy, the Challenge is a perfect summer activity to build young readers' skills and confidence during the long break from school.

The Challenge is available in all Thurrock libraries this summer. .

Join for free from Saturday 16 July, collect stickers, a medal and a certificate for reading 6 books over the summer holidays. For 8 books you'll receive a limited edition 'Gadgeteers' bag!


To make it more interesting there is a competition among schools to win the trophy for having the most children finish the challenge - in the three years since this has officially been running Woodside has won the trophy and we want to keep it! As well as everything the library gives you for taking part we give every child who completes the challenge a special bouncy reward at the end of the summer term, in time to remind them to take the next summer reading challenge.