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Shakespeare at Thameside

Well done to Miss Turner's Y6 drama group for their gripping production of Julius Caesar at Thameside Theatre as part of the national Shakespeare Schools Festival. The festival sets a challenge for young children to learn and perform a Shakespeare play in front of a live audience in a professional theatre. While many schools consider Shakespeare too hard for their children to watch or read let alone perform Woodside and Little Thurrock children bring these plays to life, performing alongside children coached by their drama departments at Gable Hall, a performing arts specialist school and Palmers VIth form College. The scripts are condensed versions of Shakespeare's plays but include as much as possible of the original language. Woodside children and staff rose to the challenge with an original version of Julius Caesar, set in London at the end of the Second World War, with appropriate costumes and music.   There were excellent performance from all the schools; with Little Thurrock performing A Midsummer Night's Dream, Gable Hall The Tempest and Palmers Romeo and Juliet, all of which have been performed by Woodside in previous years.