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School Closure

You will now probably have seen the news that our last day this term will be this Friday and that we will probably not re-open for some time. In spite of the very short notice the government has given us we have been working on our home learning programme for children. We would have had 2 more weeks of term and, for your children to keep up with their learning, they need to engage with these activities for those weeks before actually having an Easter break. Please check that your children have the log in for all our online learning programs: My Maths, Times Tables Rock Stars, Spag.Com, and Language Nut. More programs will be coming so that children can continue to enjoy the whole curriculum while they are at home. From Monday we are starting weekly emails tutorials with every child/parent so that we can check on and support their learning through the weeks ahead.

We will stay open for children of key workers and, if you are in this category and you want your child to continue to attend school you need to contact the school office giving details of your work. "Key Workers", we have been told, includes delivery drivers, NHS staff and police but a full list will be published by the cabinet office on Thursday. Provision for this group will continue through the planned Easter break. There will also be continued education for "vulnerable children" (presumably those with Education, Health & Care Plans) and we will contact you if your child is in this group.

Thank you for your support with these measures and please remember the whole point is to limit social contact so that we limit the virus spreading and save lives.