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Recorder Concert

At Woodside all children in Y4 learn to play the recorder with weekly lessons from Mr Lund of Thurrock Music Services. This teaches children to play an easily affordably instrument they can continue with throughout their lives and also  teaches them how to read music which will help them if them want to play something else and to sing from music. In fact, there is plenty of singing in these lessons too. We usually have concerts for parents half way through and at the end of the year but, due to the pandemic, there have been no actual concerts for the last two year. On Friday 8th July we were pleased that children could again play and sing for their parents and demonstrate the skills they have learnt over the year. The children did very well and it was clear that many of them have the skills to successfully learn an another instrument or to continue and become first class recorder players. We are considering having a year 5 recorder ensemble where children will be able to learn to play some treble and tenor recorders and play different parts together.