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Queen's Baton Relay

On Friday 8th July the Queen's Commonwealth Baton was brought across the river Thames from Gravesend and arrived at Tilbury where our very own steel band, Woodside Steel, was ready to play as the baton bearer came through Tilbury Cruise Terminal with the baton and into the car which would take it on to Basildon and later Southend. The baton has been travelling all over the commonwealth since last year and will arrive at Birmingham in time for the Commonwealth Games at the end of the month. Woodside Steel last  played at the cruise terminal to celebrate the anniversary of the Empire Windrush docking there bringing Commonwealth workers to rebuild Britain after the war. Steel Pans were first developed in Trinidad and Tobago, one of the competing countries in the Commonwealth Games.  We felt very privileged to have Woodside Steel invited back to play for the baton and, as usual, they did not disappoint. As a school with proven commitment not only to music, but to sport, international learning and diversity; we were honoured to take this part in the Queen's Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games in the 70th year of the Queen's reign and the 70th year since Woodside was first built.  Our current band are our youngest and largest ever and are already on track to be one of our finest.  After their fantastic playing it was a fitting reward for them to meet the baton bearer and each have a chance to hold the baton themselves. A moment to remember.

Click here to see the BBC news clip.