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Playground Parking

Woodside Academy Car Park Plan


We have trialled the Playground Parking Scheme for two weeks and although it worked well very few parents have used it; only one car per day. This means its is not only an inefficient use of our resources but is making no real difference to the parking problems residents have complained of. We are therefore not continuing with the scheme unless we get a number of requests from parents to try it again.

Here is the procedure in case we have request to restart it in the future.


  • Marshalls will be in place at 2:40pm

  • Gates in main carpark and junior playground to be unlocked and opened by site manager at 2:45pm

  • Vehicles will enter and marshalled to turn around and park on the playground in a single line. First 20 cars only to be admitted.

  • Vehicle gate will be closed at 2:55pm.

  • All vehicle engines must be turned off. Adults may stay in car or get out to wait and collect children.

  • Pedestrian gate will be also be open and a walkway will be provided (coned area). All pedestrians need to stay to the right away from the cars.

  • At 3pm children will leave via the usual exits.

  • Children being collected by a vehicle will wait in their parents' cars.

  • Children and parents walking will leave by the pedestrian gate.

  • Once ALL children walking have left – approx. 3:20 – Gates will be fully opened for vehicles to leave.

  • All vehicles should leave slowly in a line – no overtaking.

  • Gates will be locked by site manager once all cars and pedestrians have left.

Children attending clubs outside will be escorted by an adult through the end junior door to the field areas away from vehicles.

Parents waiting to watch clubs/matches are asked to wait on the field.