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Out of Hours Charges

We regret that, as advertised in our newsletter last term, we have had to increase our charges for out of hours care. New charges are as follows:


We were led to believe that we could only have two sessions on Parentmail, but now know that we can have more and so the new costs are as follows


£2 per 30-minute session


Bookings must be made on Parentmail the day before the required sessions. The late booking fee of £5 still applies, unless a call is made to the school office, club phone 0770 457 5246 or an email sent via before 9:00 am on the day the service is required. Bookings for Breakfast Club can only be made via Parentmail.


Sports and and activity clubs are unaffected by this change and either free or priced as before. Holiday club for October is currently under consideration and these charges could also rise.


We are sorry to increase our fees but we need to make sure the true cost of the provision is funded by your payments and not from money intended for children's education. These rates are still competitive with other schools and our system is still more flexible.