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Please note we have not changed our logo. Woodside's logo is the maroon tree at the top left of the page with our motto "Excellence through Opportunity" underneath.  This was taken from a drawing of a local Oak tree, drawn by Mr Morris, our headteacher at the time. This was originally screen printed onto our uniform in light blue on a burgundy background and sold directly by the school. When we moved to having embroidered uniform if was difficult for suppliers to reproduced the logo exactly and some used stock images of trees. We have three official suppliers; Nikki's, Sue's and Tesco's (in no particular order), to give you choice and keep prices fair through competition as advised by the government. We make no profit from the sale of uniform. We have asked all our suppliers to provide a logo as close to our original printed logo as possible, to put "Woodside School" in a curve around it, and not to make it too large.There is no need for parents to buy newer versions of the uniform. We have however phased out fleeces for wear in school. We are aware that there may be other sources of uniform as reproducing a logo is not difficult. While our logo is copyright to Woodside we do not intend to chastise children for where their parents bought their clothes. Children should not however wear non uniform items such as hoodies or fleeces in school even if they do have our logo.