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Nursery addmissions

This year we introduced 30 hour places for our nursery children and it has been both successful and very popular. Governors have now decided that we can extend the number of 30 hour places provided we also maintain a reasonable number of places for parents who would not qualify for 30 hours or just prefer children to attend part time. Nursery application forms will ask for parents to choose any of the options: 30 hours (i.e. "full-time" from 9 am to 3 pm), 15 hour morning only or 15 hours afternoon only; and to put choices in order of preference. We will use our admission criteria and parental preference to allocate  up to 15  30-hour places, 15 morning places and 15 afternoon places. If, as this year, we have less than 15 applications for afternoon places, we will restrict the number of morning places to match and allocate more 30-hour places  so that we have 30 children in the nursery class for the whole day from the start of term. This is necessary for us maintain adequate funding to continue the nursery class.


All places will continue to be for the whole week only and will start in September. All parents are eligible for 15 hours. To apply for 30 hour places parents either need to show they can meet the additional eligibility criteria or agree to pay directly for the extra hours.  Nursery children are also able to attend our breakfast and after school provision and parents of part-time children can use 30 hour eligibility to fund this.