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New term & Covid updated

Welcome back to Woodside after what was I hope an enjoyable summer break. We start back on Wednesday with staff and children. We had hoped that we would be near enough back to normal but, with Covid cases rising in the community, including our own staff, we are following our contingency plan and re-introducing our anti-Covid measures to start the term and monitoring the situation going forward.   As of Wednesday:

  • If you wish to accompany your child onto the school site, you must wear a mask.
  • Only one adult will be allowed per family.
  • Adults need to follow the one-way system – entry through car park, or side gate and exit through front pedestrian gate (the Woodland gate will be both entrance and exit as will the front gates for Mr Nunn’s class).
  • We will be keeping the staggered times as follows:

Morning - (please enter the gates at these times)

8:35 am - Y6 and Y5, Reception and Nursery

8:40 am - Y3

8:45 am - Y4

8:50 am - Y1

8:55 am - Y2


2:50 pm- Reception and Nursery

2:55 pm - Y1

3:00 pm - Y3, Y5, Y6

3:05 pm - Y2, Y4

  • We expect year 5/6 children to come in and out on their own (unless collected with younger children) and encourage all children to do this as soon as you think they are sensible enough. It is good for children to be independent and this should be completely safe, as we have staff outside and extensive CCTV coverage. The foyer door will still be open for the all children, including KS1 and EYFS, to enter the school on their own. Staff are on hand to ensure they get to the right classroom. Please collect from the children from the same exits as you did during transition week.
  • Please do not come into the building yourself. If you need to contact us do this by email or telephone.


Please support us in all the above measures so that we can stay open for all our children and keep everyone safe. Latest research says that young children spread Covid in the home just as much or more than teenagers and that double vaccinated adults who get Covid have just as much viral material in the nose and throat as non-vaccinated people. Coupled with the fact that these groups are unlikely to show symptoms this makes spreading more likely. Cases are as high as they were in January and experts expect these to rise further when schools open.