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New Classroom

We now have the first of the 6 classrooms of the new extension ready and in use by class 2R. As builders are still working on the corridor, stairs, library and other classrooms access to and from the classroom is only through the external door to start with for safety reasons. We hope to move class 2D and class 3B into the extension around half term after which their mobile classroom will be taken away. We may also be able to move 4GL into a new room while their own is being painted. When the extension is finished we will have a new larger library and access from the existing building upstairs and down. There will also be additional stairs, a lift, toilets, a group room, storage room, changing area, and, as the building has a solar panels and a sedum "grass" roof which needs maintenance access there will also be an enclosed roof terrace where children will be able to see across the surrounding landscape.