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National Tutoring Programme

We have been using the National Tutoring Programme to provide extra support for some of our pupils since the time when they were learning at home. We offered children places on the programme on the basis of our assessments of their progress once the had come back to school for their learning. We have the lessons before school so that the children have them as well as, rather than instead of, their normal lessons. The lessons take place in our Computer Centre, supervised by Mr Carter.

The government introduced the National Tutoring Programme to support children who may have fallen behind in their learning during the pandemic. The progamme puts schools in touch with an approved list of private providers of tutoring in maths or English and makes it affordable by giving the schools a generous 75% subsidy.  We have been using the programme at Woodside since all children returned to lessons in school and found that children enjoy it and class teachers report good progress and improved confidence.


  • We contacted parents of children whom our assessments showed could be falling behind and would benefit from the programme with a follow-up letter for those interested.
  • Lessons are before school so that children do not have to miss their normal lessons.
  • The lessons are taught remotely with children working in our computer suite.
  • Each child has 15 lessons taught in an intense block, as this is most effective.
  • To take part in the programme parents must agree children will attend all of the sessions unless they are actually ill.
  • Lessons start at 7.45 am and are every morning for 3 weeks.
  • Children are in virtual groups of 3 with one tutor teaching them.
  • We have booked 7 tutors at one time, giving places for 21 children in one block.
  • Mr Carter supervises and facilitates the session.
  • Parents can drop children off at the dining hall entrance from 7.15 am onwards and if they are early enough they can also have a free breakfast.
  • The tutors are provided by EM Tutoring whom we chose because they are a not-for-profit organization committed to provide affordable tutoring for all.
  • We are able to provide these lessons because of government subsidy but they still have a cost which the school has to pay whether children attend or not.
  • We offer the lessons free, along with supervision and breakfast for each child but we need parents commitment for children to attend all sessions otherwise we are wasting a valuable resource which another child could use.
  • We focus on one year group at a time and offer places to those who we feel most need it. 
  • Parents who would like tutoring for their children can contact EM Tutoring directly as they also provide a service direct to families.