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Music Lessons

We are hoping to continue our "wider opportunities" class music lessons online this term using google classroom and instruments children have at home although this is still at the experimental stage. For year 4 children, if they have their recorders at home, or can get hold of one, they should  be able to continue their lessons with Mr Lund. The children in year 1, 2 and 5 who were learning keyboards with Mr Walton will be able to continue their lessons at home if they have access to a (musical) keyboard. If not there are some online keyboards and other activities we can direct you to. Steel Pans are more difficult but we think the lessons could either be adapted to keyboards or children could use a steel pan app on an iPhone or other device. If none of the above are practicable we can provide other kinds of music lessons. This is part of our commitment to provide children with a full curriculum and a full school day of learning every day throughout the lock down. With music we hope that it will encourage children to practise at home and give them the chance to make up their own tunes.