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Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday was traditionally when young people who worked in service away from their families were allowed to go home to worship at their "mother church". They were often able to take cakes and other gifts for their mothers and this was a rare time for families to come together. The date changes every year because it is in the middle of the Lent; half-way between Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday and Easter Sunday. This year it is Sunday 22nd  March. Although people call it "Mothers' Day" that is actually an American festival with no religious connection on a completely different date, and, in these global times, it is worth being aware of the distinction.


At Woodside we have replaced our Mothers' Gift Sale with craft workshops for children make presents themselves, most using commercially sourced bases. In according with our Charging and Remissions Policy we ask for a payment to cover the cost of the special materials used. The needs to be paid via ParentMail by Thursday 19th for the gifts finished items to be taken home on Friday 20th March.