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Mobile Phone Ban

Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school. This is not a new rule but has been in our prospectus for years. As we know from events in the news, every day; people are assaulted and worse, even though they are carrying mobile phones and, for children, phones can even increase their risk:


  • Older children or adults could attack them to steal the phone.


  • They can be looking at the phone instead of being aware of any hazards, especially crossing roads.


  • They could be accessing inappropriate material.


  • They could be tricked into meeting a dangerous person and such a person could also track them.


  • They give a false sense of security encouraging children to go where it is not safe.


Aside from the increased risk to themselves there are many other reasons why we do not want mobile phones in school:


  • Mobile phones are far too expensive a piece of equipment for children to bring to school and cause problems if lost, damaged or stolen.


  • We do not know what restrictions are on the phone and it could give the child and other children in the class free access to highly inappropriate material.


  • They can be used for illicit photography and video, bullying through social media and infringement of data privacy regulations.


  • They can be used for cheating in assessments.


  • They can be used for messaging, games or other activities when children are supposed to be working or listening to the teacher.


  • They cause unpleasant and expensive competition between children who obviously want to have the latest device which others could not afford.