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Learning at Home

We have asked teachers to provide remote learning for all children this term using Google Classroom for years 1-6 and Tapestry for Early Years. Those children who we have arranged to have because both parents are critical workers and they have no other child care will follow the same programme in school. We will provide this as long as necessary, which will be at least until Monday 18th January. It is important that your child takes a full part in this programme, not only to continue vital learning, but also to stay in contact with teachers and classmates and maintain a positive state of mind with daily purposeful activities. We will provide a full range of activities designed to keep your child busy and learning from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm very day (with breaks) just as if they were in school. This should include at least 3 daily taught sessions in real time plus other activities covering the whole curriculum. Children can also use the Google Classroom facility to contact their teacher  or teaching assistant for additional explanation rather than need your help when you are working from home. Our previous experience following "lock down" was that children who followed our programme at home had not fallen significantly behind and some had in fact made good progress. We can provide alternatives for children without internet access but would like as many children as possible to follow our online programme as it will include actual teaching rather than just work to complete.