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Learning at Home During Closure

We are closed during the current COVID-19 emergency and, unless in the excepted category, you will need to continue your child's education at home. It is very important that you do this, not only to maintain and improve  your child's current level of education but also to provide your child with a regular, purposeful routine which will be helpful for the whole family's well-being during this time of isolation. We have sent home books and also emailed you packs for your child but you will need to supervise and encourage them. Children should also use our usual online home learning as much as possible as well as any practical activities that they can do in the home or garden. Children would normally have 5 hours of learning time daily at school including everything from English and mathematics to music, PE and religious education. Learning does not have to be just set lessons or homework but could be incorporated into activities you can enjoy together such as cooking, growing plants and exercise and even watching history and science TV programmes. You can email your child's class teacher for advice and support. If your child's teacher is working in school with you will referred to our teachers working from home will be actively contacting you and your child weekly to make sure you have the support you need to carry on learning.