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Frighten Your Teacher Day 2.11.20

As we cannot have a Hallowe'en Disco this year and we are not sure if children can go trick or treating, we are having a special day when they can wear all those ghastly outfits. On Monday 2nd November, the first day after half term, we are having a "Frighten Your Teacher Day". Children can wear their frightening costumes to school and we are serving a special lunch with Haunted Pizzas, or Jack o' Lantern Peppers with curly fries and Bobbing for Apple Cake or Creepy Creature Jelly. All children who have a school lunch (dressed up or not) will get a spooky sticker. Dressing up is free and optional, there will be the usual baked potato option, and no child needs to do any spooky activities or eat any ghostly food unless they want to. If this day is cancelled for any reason we will hold it later.