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Collection Door Change

As the weather is changing Junior children will no longer wait outside at the end of the day and we have  changed the exit doors for these classes as follows:


  • 3CB - Left hand main hall door (next to the gate)
  • 3K  - Right hand main hall door 
  • 4B - door closest to the bike shed
  • 4M - door in the middle of the original junior building
  • 4C - door by the library


Classes will not be dismissed until the times on the website, Y3 at 2:55pm and Y4 at 3.00pm. Please do not come too early as we are trying to stagger the times to keep  you safe and stop crowding on the playground. Y5 & Y6 will be dismissed to the main gate at 2:40pm and if they have younger brothers and sisters they are allowed to go and collect them and to take them to meet you at a place you pre-arrange outside the school (or to go home together without you if you wish).