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Dressing-Up Days

We normally insist children wear their uniform to school but we occasionally have special days when children can wear something different; usually to raise money for a charity or to promote awareness in something we feel is  important. We have three such days in the calendar.


  • On Friday 6th March, the last day of our Book Week, children can come to school dressed as a book character. As part of Book Week, each class will be decorating their door as a book cover and children are invited to dress as a character from that book or as a character from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, our visiting performance for the week. There is no charge or donation for this and children are still free to dress as other book characters or wear normal uniform.


  • On Friday 13th March we are raising money for Sport Relief. Children will be cycling and/or running our heath and woodland mile taking part in sports. We are asking all children to bring £1 and in return they can wear sports kit all day - either their usual Woodside kit or anything else they already have. There is no need to buy anything new, much better just to donate to the charity.


  • We are taking part in the Sustrans Big Pedal, which this year runs from Wednesday 22nd April to Tuesday 5th May. We are asking children to ideally cycle but also to scoot, or just walk to school for the whole two weeks but on 5th March, as the last day, to also dress up as any Super Hero in return for a £1 donation to Sustrans. Sustrans is the charity promoting sustainable travel and has given us plenty of support in the past.  They always ask schools taking part in the Big Pedal to have a Super Hero Day to raise money for them but we have not usually done this as we have been concentrating on other charities. However, with the current climate emergency, we have decided they are very worthy of our support.


One of the reasons for having uniform is to prevent expensive competitive dressing with continually changing fashions which puts undue pressure on parents and disadvantages children who are less well off. This is why we do not just have "non uniform" days. It should usually be possible to adapt something children already have or make or borrow a costume. We do not want anyone to have to buy anything specially for any of this days and children can still wear their usual uniform if they want to.