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Covid19 symptoms

The NHS has named 3 symptoms of Covid19 but London University's Kings College has found 19 symptoms and says that the skin rash  should be added to the NHS list as it is an early indicator of the disease. Here is the full Kings College list. Please keep children home if they have any of these symptoms without other explanation.


1. Loss of smell/taste

2. Persistent cough

3. Fatigue

4. Loss of appetite

5. Skin rash

6. Hives

7. Fever

8. Severe muscle pain

9. Shortness of breath

10. Diarrhoea

11. Delirium

12. Abdominal pain

13. Chest pain

14. Hoarse voice

15. Eye soreness

16. Sore or painful throat

17. Nausea or vomiting

18. Headache

19. Dizziness or light headedness