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Covid In & Out Reminder


To keep the school open and everyone safe as possible we need you to do the following when dropping off or collecting children:


· Go one way only (anti-clockwise) around the school using the  alley in the Grangewood  Avemue-to-bridle path direction only.

· Keep moving and have chats elsewhere or online.

· Only one parent/carer to come on site.

· Keep to your given time and don’t come early

· Y5/6 children without siblings here to leave the site on their own.

· Y3/4 children can also leave/enter on their own if you wish.

· Use the gate to the woods both ways if you can.

· Keep your distance—2m from other families.

· Wear a mask or face covering.

· Do not come to school if you are ill and do not send a sick child.