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Covid Contingency Plan January

We reviewed our contingency plan for this term in order to respond to government measures as these are announced. This first option here has now been confirmed


  1. If we are asked to have all children in school (confirmed as expected) but, as most scientific advice predicts, the number of Covid cases remains high, we will be continuing all our current protective measures but also go back to keeping children in class bubbles, with juniors eating lunch in classrooms.


  • If schools are asked to go back to remote teaching  (unlikely) we will do this with lessons during the normal school day using Google Classroom with additional practical and online activities. We are ready to support families who previously needed the loan of iPads.


  • If schools are allowed to choose according to their own circumstances (unlikely) we will make a choice between the above on the basis of our local Covid infection rate prioritizing the safety of our children, our staff, and their families. If it is anything like it was before Christmas we would go to online learning.


Please be ready to make your own arrangements according if the situation changes and bear in mind that we do not get any advance notice of government measures. We learn of them from the same national TV bulletins you do. Also, if your children are ill, with any infectious disease, we expect you to have them at home until they are recovered. This could always happen and you need to be able to make provision if and when it does.