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Climate Emergency

At Woodside we recognize that the world is facing a climate emergency and there is limited time left to take control of climate change before irreversible trigger points are reached. Please support us in this. Things we have done, and are doing or planning to do, include:


  • Installation of solar panels so that we use less gas and electricity and our surplus goes back to the grid for others to use.


  • Changing our lighting to low energy LED units as part of our electrical update this summer.


  • Encouraging pupils, staff and parents to walk or pedal to school rather than driving.


  • Organizing trips where children can walk, cycle or go by train rather than in coaches and cars.


  • Offering alternatives to beef and dairy items in the school menus (methane produced by cattle is an even worse greenhouse gas than CO2 and a significant cause of global warming).


  • Installing a charging point which can make use of our solar panels and encourage staff to buy electric cars.


  • Teaching children about climate change and how they can make positive choices in their lives.


You can help by supporting us and doing many of these things and more at home. There is no planet B.